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(Numbers, 14, 7)

Out Door Training

It is a known fact that a solid team tend to preform better than individuals. 
Working in harmony, combining forces while everybody gives the maximum output in a supportive and constructive atmosphere. 

Haela Tours organizes Out Door Training workshops to develop team skills, following the creation of a cohesive environment reinforcing a collaborative group. 

ODT seminars are designed to build a framework that encompasses all staff,
regardless of positions and ranks of each participant. During the orientation day, your group is divided to smaller groups for a variety of challenging mental missions, both physical and cognitive in values ​​and structured, and planty of fun activities.
In order to succeed, the team must cooperate, be creative, trust each other,
learn to know each other, uncover all weaknesses and strengths and much more.

From our experience, taking people out of the office to the outdoors, facing them with challenges and obsticales, brings out the best in them. in particular it contributes to building and improving the performance of the entire team. Both in the private aspect and the group aspect. 

Haela Tours will adjust the location and the type of activities according to the request and the needs of each company. Our experienced staff will guide and train your people thrugout the entire daily activities. Our ODT activities always includes a meal, refreshments, fruits, coffee, drinks and surprises


Out Door Training